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Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Through mentoring, an experienced expert brings his or her own expertise to help you with your business. It’s important to know your business well, to help you move forward in big leaps! Professional development takes place in interaction with other entrepreneurs, especially with people and experts who have more experience than you.

Get a mentor to support your business.

Why does every entrepreneur need a mentor?

A mentor is an invaluable person who gives you advice and solutions to your problems and understands the challenges you have. So why spend time walking upwind? Get a mentor to support your business to save time and money.

Is mentoring the same as coaching?

Many confuse conventional coaching with mentoring, but it is not the same thing at all.

Mentors transfer expert knowledge that they have from having worked as entrepreneurs. From one experienced entrepreneur to another. I am able to help you as a mentor in developing your business and its various aspects.

Coaches do not offer expert advise to their clients. They motivate the client and help them in making their own decisions.

What am I like as a mentor?

• I will guide you. I will find your mistakes and the problems in your business and help you solve them.

• I will give honest feedback and take a genuine interest in your business.

• I will commit to your success and do what I can to help you achieve it.

How can I help you?

As an experienced entrepreneur, I can help start-ups and SME’s who are ready to take the next steps forwards with their business.

I am a professionally trained in sales and marketing. Among my other professions, inter alia, I have been a secretary; a food industry virtuoso and I trained as a group exercise teacher. Thus, I am a true multi-talent in the field of mentoring.

As an entrepreneur, I have worked in the restaurant industry, as well as social media marketing side, in a variety of positions. Thus I have helped many entrepreneurs from many different industries to move forward with their business.

Interested in mentoring? Contact me by email via the Work with Me tab and we will discuss together in detail how we can take your business forward. I might send you a questionnaire for mentoring and map out your situation in more detail. I will then consider whether I am the right person to help you. I only work with people I can truly help.

You can get to know me better through the Work with Me tab.


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