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Updated: Jan 22, 2021

What is a good BIO on social media and what kind of information would be good to show about your company?

Distinctiveness is important because we quickly click on another profile if we don’t find what we see in front of us interesting and valuable enough. Therefore, first impressions are important.


“In the BIO, you should also be able to brand yourself.”

I know from my own experience that it can be challenging to stand out with 150 characters and many entrepreneurs think too complexly about what kind of information about a company or personal brand should be presented.

The most common mistake is probably an overly dilute presentation, so you need to highlight why your business should be tracked.

Do you have interesting publications that you are happy to share with others?

Do you clearly state your company's mission?


As well, don’t overdo to make your BIO share sale worthy to force customers to shop on your business website. This is a sure way to lose all followers of your pages. Use the 70/30 rule, i.e. 70% marketing and 30% sales text and this works for all marketing platforms and strategies.

Before you start updating your information, read a few more tips on how you can make a clear and inspiring presentation about your business or yourself if you act as a personal brand.

1. Add keywords after your business or personal brand name.

2. Make the BIO easy to read, don’t forget line spacing, as well, not write everything together.

3. CTA - Call to action highlight: Do you direct customers to a biz homepage, a separate landing page, to fill in an application or to LinkTree- links?

4. Emojis also work if you don’t use too much, it can be add to the beginning of the line, for example.

5. Think about your website as information you bring to the front page about your business, and briefly highlight it in your social media BIO. For example, you have the fastest carpet laundry in your area or the third most popular gym chain in Europe, then bring it up on social media.

Unfortunately, no one will go to your company's website to search for information, if your followers are not excited about BIO and other publications on your page.

Many times I have heard that the entrepreneur says, "Why have to repeat company information for Instagram BIO, while the information already appears on our web site."

Absolutely, that's great, but you have to repeat these key details about your company in a short way in the social media BIO as well. Don't assume everyone knows you or your business before.

So use the 3th W. What, why and who.

1. What are you for? 2. Why? 3. Who do you want to help?

6. The last advice to relates the top of the BIO, i.e. the company logo or portrait.

The logo should be clearly visible to the viewer as well as the portrait.

In the logo, you should pay attention to the clarity of the name or the image to make it stand out.

In the portrait, you should focus on making the face visible and even a small smile is a bonus.

PS. If you want to update your profile pic, you can edit it by clicking on my older Instagram video post that advises you to edit your profile picture for the better!

Did you find this useful? Please share this blog post with a business friend.

Cheers and see you soon in the next post!

With all love,


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