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Initial consultation

I offer a free initial consultation over email, to go through the needs of you and your business. We will discuss your budget, your needs and the scope of the project. I may direct you to fill in a form on my website.


You might need:

• A social media assistant for Facebook and Instagram

• Content creation (social media or blog)

• Professional photography services

• A marketing plan

• A strategy for your company’s social media channels

• A branding help

• Mentoring or coaching

The initial consultation gives me a good overall picture of your needs.

I will consider if I am the right person for the job.

I only work with companies I can really help.


Please note that my social media assistant services are for a term of 3 or 6 months, to ensure that your company gets the best visibility and the best results from social media marketing.


Based on the initial consultation, I prepare a written proposal for the project. We will also agree on a schedule before we begin work.


When you approve this, I will send over a contract and we can start working together.

Note: The implementation of the plan begins when you accept the offer, and you have made a payment for the work you have ordered. You can find more information about my offer.


I will discuss every project in detail with you and tailor the plan to your individual needs.

Every company is different and I only work with maximum 5 companies at a time.

I want to ensure that I have the time to be available to you when you need me, so that I can serve you in the best possible way.

Depending on the scope of the project, I offer a few different plans for you to choose from and we will create a comprehensive strategy for your business. I will tailor the plan specifically for your business, be it social media assistant or photography services.


Social media marketing strategies and branding strategies will be send over to you in a PDF format. (e-book)

My working languages are Finnish, English and Arabic.

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