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  • Qualification in Sales and Marketing Communication

  • Office Secretary 

  • Business Management, Human Resource Management courses 

  • Safety Inspector

  • Food Production, General Food Technology 

  • Marketing, Public Relations & Sales

  • Business Plans / Startup Assistance 

  • Branding

  • Restaurant + Food Services 

  • Health & Fitness

  • Educational Services

  • Business Services 


My name is Maria Myllys and I’m a creative social media consultant, business mentor and a social media assistant who is based in the Finland and lives near by Helsinki.


My work involves one-to-one social media plus business mentoring and coaching. I also help business leaders navigate change and help them transition careers.


You might need a virtual assistant who will handle your FB and IG feed by posting daily pics and cool stories? No probs at all - I am here for you.  

Social media assistant services include a social media strategy, marketing plan plus content production on your social media channel (Instagram & Facebook) for 3 months or 6 months. 

I am a professionally trained in sales and marketing. Among my other professions, inter alia,

I have been a secretary; a food industry virtuoso and I trained as a group exercise teacher. 


As an entrepreneur, I have worked in the restaurant industry, as well as social media marketing side, in a variety of positions. Thus I have helped many entrepreneurs from many different industries to move forward with their business.


PS. I get my first personal laptop about 20 years ago (Acer Travelmate 506T) so where ever I go it doesn’t matter because I am used to work with laptops(land). 

What else am I?


I am a mother of three children and in my free time I also do charity work with congenital heart diseases. I help and provide peer support to families. 

Plus sports and fam life have always been a beneficial combination for me. 

When I was younger, I have competed at the Finnish championship level (cross-country skiing), and on the group exercise side, I have trained as an indoor cycling instructor.

Now, especially at the age of over 40, exercise and well-being are an even more important part of life.


My clients are not just my customers, they are like my vip friends, besties. My promise to my clients is that they are fully supported. That´s why I am working at the same time just with 5 companies so you are able to contact me anytime you need me.


The quality is the most important thing for me and I only work with companies I can really help.

Outsource your social media work and save time and money. Don’t build barriers to success!

PS! At the moment I am on maternity leave, so in 2022 I will focus mainly on my family.

You can still email me and we can discuss the upcoming project.


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